Gentle, Healing Rain

It’s raining today. The same as it has the past two days and nights here. This is the type of rain that I love…the cleansing, renewing gentle downpour softly cleansing the earth and all beings that reside within her. The kind of rain that makes the trees show their brightest, colorful hues of rich greens. The kind that makes the birds sing a little louder and more constant as they bathe themselves in the natural baths left behind. Just perfect for these beautiful beings with wings. The male cardinal even made an appearance, the one that would grace my upstairs apartment balcony before I moved to the lower level.

The rain brings with it the gentle reminder that we too, as sacred beings, can be refreshed, renewed, and restored. For me, this renewal has come with feeling, sharing, and expressing love. To myself, and to others. To let love rain down upon all of us. To feel saturated in it, to feel the fresh breath of life it brings after it has cleansed us, to stand in this outpouring of love. With this rain comes the promise that we can heal, we can mend the hurts, and that we can be restored. Something that the world is crying out for in present days. I can hear them. I can feel them. I say, bring the rain. Bring the love. Let it drench every inch of this planet and all who live within her. Let love heal and restore us all.  It all begins with us. Much love, Lovelies.


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