Return of Lovely Strength

Embraces, Lovelies.

Here I am, going back to my roots of the first blog I ever created. Lovely Strength. But she will not look the same this time. She is my mirror and my muse, and she has been with me throughout my journey of growth, transformation, healing, and becoming.

2017 was a year of rapid change and expansion, hurtling me into new roles, responsibilities, and remembrances. It was a year of deep exploration into myself, into my calling, and into my service to the world. It was a time of darkness, but not the kind most associate when they hear the word darkness. For in the darkness, we grow. We allow ourselves to root and ground ourselves in the fertile soil, gathering strength and nourishment for our inevitable breakthrough.

2018 is a year of reaping, of expanding, of becoming. We are immersing ourselves in all the last year prepared us for. We are ready to embrace and unite all parts of ourselves. We are ready to step up and step out into the unknown and surrender to the calling deep within our Souls.

For me, personally, I have embraced the light and the shadow within myself. I have been on a journey to reclaiming the Divine Feminine within myself and creating a beautiful union with the Divine Masculine that was already ever-so-present. I have answered the call of my Soul and continue to deepen my service to women (and men) desiring to embrace the Divine Feminine energy and embodiment within themselves.

Bringing this blog back brings me back to my roots, but as a different being than I was then. Through this blog, it is my desire and intention to share my journey of going inward and share what I find there. It will be multi-faceted, but its core will be exploring, embracing, and embodying the Divine Feminine.

And it is my hope you will desire to be a part of my journey deepening into the Feminine.



3 thoughts on “Return of Lovely Strength

  1. Such a beautiful, powerful vision, spoken with such conviction! You have, indeed, grown immensely in the days since we first met…

    I am blessed, and grateful to say, “I see you. I love you. I honor you, my Soul SiStar!”

    May this year, this blog, this movement reflect all the amazing awesomeness you are!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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