Pulling The Thread

A large part of my journey in the beginning was a process of undoing. A tapestry of my existence was woven that carried stories that were obscure and often times false. They were stories I had been told to believe were truth, but these were not my truths. They were candy-coated tales of what I experienced as told by those who gained from these tales. They were carefully woven and crafted to reflect a truth not of my own, used to keep me under the power and control of other people.

Healing these wounds meant I would need to explore the truths-my truths- without the manipulation of my memories and experiences. The threads of each story became loose- and it was up to me to unravel the tapestry of each one. It was within my power to now pull that thread and undo the carefully crafted stories that lay within.

And yet, even with this realization, I hesitated with each pull. This is what I knew, this is what I was comfortable with…why would I want to undo this foundation that was created for me? It was safe here, it was comfortable here, it was numb here. But something deep within me desired to pull that thread. I desired to create a tapestry that reflected me and my truth, not a false representation of my life.

Facing these truths took the power and influence away from those who only sought to protect themselves and keep their false realm of power. With each pull of the thread, I took away their power over me and gave it back to its rightful owner…me.

And as empowering as this was, it also exposed my vulnerability. Reclaiming myself and my journey called upon everything within me to keep going. To keep pulling that thread and undoing the carefully created stories. The more that was revealed, the more that could be healed. And the more that was healed, the stronger I became. And not just stronger…I could see my true self begin to emerge.

This journey I am on has brought me to the depths of who I am. It has helped me see and honor my Sacredness. It has helped me see that I am not flawed or unworthy or unloved. It has brought me to my Soul family. It has led me to create a movement of Sacred, Soulful Women honoring themselves.

Through this journey and this experience, the Soulfully Embraced Woman was birthed. I learn more about her each day through myself and through other women on their journey. The depths of who she is continues to fascinate and captivate me. She is within us and she is all around us. She is an embodiment of the Divine Feminine within each of us.

I am grateful to be on this journey. I am grateful that I answered the call of my Soul. I am grateful to be the vessel through which the Soulfully Embraced Woman was birthed through. I am grateful I pulled the thread that began this journey. I am grateful to be creating a tapestry that reflects my truth and my journey.




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