A Magical, Mystical Ride

It begins with a thought. Or maybe a question. Or, the one I love the best, a feeling. Something sitting on my chest or moving through my heart. In these moments, I pause. My eyes narrow and my hand rests over my lips as I begin to scan my body and soul. I peer out the patio door as I sit behind my keyboard…will I find the answer there?
Then something will catch my eye or flash through my mind and then the furious typing begins. I’m feeling like I’ve hit a vein of gold and I keep digging and expressing and…and…back to staring out the patio. I can hear my heavy breathing as I once again sink into my depths. I’m so focused on my breathing that all else fades away and I’m transported somewhere else.
I’m now traveling through dimensions and shape shifting as I emerge from portal to portal, yet I am still me. I can see histories and timelines and existences that mirror my own but carry a life of their own. Am I traveling through time? Through space? Through realms? Each passage passes in a blink of an eye.
There is no sound, no movement, just a blur of still frame shadows. Am I dreaming? Am I hallucinating? Am I stuck in a loop? I can see myself sitting at my desk staring out the window, and I feel myself being pulled back in. As I refocus my eyes, I am fully present in my body once again.
The original thought/question/feeling returns to me. I lower my head and begin to type once again.

7 thoughts on “A Magical, Mystical Ride

  1. Yes!! This!! This is how it often happens for me as well…

    And so beautifully, eloquently, vibrantly described that every breath is felt in my own lungs, every heartbeat timed in rhythm to your words…

    Thank you for putting words too something I have only ever been able to experience, not express… ❤

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  2. Yes, a good description of eternity, in an infinite universe. I don’t feel this way much, anymore. Time passes, age mounts, and physical reality can take its toll. Nine years ago I suffered a concussion, and for nine years I have been struggling to get such feelings back. The main thing is I know I had them, and reading of those still having them reminds me of what is possible. A good description, definitely. Thank you, Lisa, for bringing me here. Thank you, Bonnie, for letting Lisa share it…

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