About These Writings

Essence of the Feminine Soul is a body of written work I am currently creating. It is a journal of deep reflection and musings as I study, embrace, and embody the Divine Feminine. For me, these are writings that connect femininity and spirituality. As women, we are not one dimensional in how we embody the feminine.

What I feature here are selected excerpts from my journals (quoted at the beginning of each post) and an expanded, personal musing following. I request that you keep an open mind as you read; for these are my own musings and messages, and are not to be taken as absolute truth. We each have our own path to follow, and this is mine.

This work has taken me to the depths of my inner self, and this is what I share. I embrace the seasons of this work, for sometimes the seeds are flourishing and sometimes they are dormant. Cycle of life, cycles of the work I am doing in the world. And I embrace it all.

My writings on the feminine essence are not gender-specific, but rather what I view as an energetic signature of the soul. My work is largely written for women, but not limited to them. As women, I believe we have a unique connection to the feminine essence, and one that has been distorted and dishonored throughout time. The tide is turning, the wave is building, and more women (and men) are rising to heal and restore the balance between the masculine and feminine energies.

I welcome you to this space if you are new, and I thank you for being here if you have followed the twists and turns of this blog as my journey and my work has unfolded.

All writings copyrighted Bonnie Jean Roberts 2018


2 thoughts on “About These Writings

  1. Bonnie, you have such a delightful, expressive voice!! I’m here, for the first time, and I cannot wipe the smile off my face while I am reading yor work (not that I really want to, of course). I close my eyes and see you as a whirling dervish kind of breeze rushing by me, blowing my hair into my eyes and kicking up a pile of leaves into a colorful mini-tornado. I see an ad before me: “playful, down-to-earth visionary with a soul and a purpose, seeking a blank page to influence and inspire…” I am SO in! Where’s that “follow” button? Lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much L.R.! You have succeeded in taking my voice for a moment. A beautiful description of which I am humbled and excited to receive. I look forward to keeping my eye on your writings! Thank you again for making my day 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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