Gentle, Healing Rain

It’s raining today. The same as it has the past two days and nights here. This is the type of rain that I love…the cleansing, renewing gentle downpour softly cleansing the earth and all beings that reside within her. The kind of rain that makes the trees show their brightest, colorful hues of rich greens. The kind that makes the birds sing a little louder and more constant as they bathe themselves in the natural baths left behind. Just perfect for these beautiful beings with wings. The male cardinal even made an appearance, the one that would grace my upstairs apartment balcony before I moved to the lower level.

The rain brings with it the gentle reminder that we too, as sacred beings, can be refreshed, renewed, and restored. For me, this renewal has come with feeling, sharing, and expressing love. To myself, and to others. To let love rain down upon all of us. To feel saturated in it, to feel the fresh breath of life it brings after it has cleansed us, to stand in this outpouring of love. With this rain comes the promise that we can heal, we can mend the hurts, and that we can be restored. Something that the world is crying out for in present days. I can hear them. I can feel them. I say, bring the rain. Bring the love. Let it drench every inch of this planet and all who live within her. Let love heal and restore us all.  It all begins with us. Much love, Lovelies.


The Labyrinth of Lost Love

It was in the past, and the past is where I choose to dwell. The place where your arms held me tight. Where your lips met my forehead. Where your hand took mine as you led me through the realm of love.

When I visit there now, it is barren. Grey. Cold. The marble is broken and the mirrors lay shattered. Where our grand castle once sat, there is now a dark and twisted labyrinth. Each night in my dreams, I get lost within its thorny walls. There is a beast in the corridor, always two steps behind me.

I try to run. I try to hide. I must find my way to you. I feel the breath of the beast upon me now. Night after night, I scream in this wicked dream. His claws reach me, and I am made his prisoner. He grabs me in his arms and holds me. His gnarled lips kiss my mine. He grabs my hand and pulls me through the maze. My dress rips and my hands scrape against the thorns. He pulls me faster.

He stops as we reach a meadow. One full of roses. Of lush trees . Of cherubs and fountains so deep. The sky is clear after the clouds wisp by. The beast holds me close and speaks to me, gentle and clear.

“I have chased you all these nights. Why did you run from me?  The further you ran from me, the more I turned into this.” It was the voice of my beloved. “Don’t you see? You are what made me beautiful. Your love, your passion, and your beauty. You came back for me within this prison. I am yours. For now, for then, and for always.”

With our love restored with deeper understanding, the beast vanished. The veil of fear fell away from my eyes. My love now stood before me.

My Love Note For You


I love creative souls.

I love souls who stand up when everyone sits down.

I love souls who speak from the heart.


I love you.


I love souls who would give their last breath to keep someone else breathing.

I love souls who wear their heart on their sleeve.

I love souls who live in their truth despite what the world thinks.


I love you.


As you create magic, as you express yourself,

As you live free, as you fight injustice,

As you love and connect with the beauty around you.

As you connect to what is in the depths of your soul.


I love you.


~Bonnie ❤

Thoughts on This Day 1-21-2016

I am sitting here in the lower level of my good friend’s house with my laptop open and ready to get to work as I have done in many weeks now.  I have a huge to do list in front of me, but all I can do is be grateful for the people that I have met along my journey this far. Every last one of them has been a blessing to me. This is how I trust that I am on the right path. Mind you, there have been obstacles and setbacks at almost every turn, but there have also been a door available to walk through and find the answers or get help.

I had to make my first post today about the people who have been here from the start and the ones who came along the way and express the gratitude I am feeling. Their courage, their compassion, and their words of wisdom have helped me in ways I cannot express thoroughly enough. And since I am better at writing than speaking, I chose to use  the best way I know how.

There are many who will read this and wonder if they are included in this.

Yes you are.

You have done so much for me and all these blessings have been etched on my heart.

Thank you from the depths of my entire being.