A New Life Path, A New Awakening

Hello, Lovelies. I came to visit my old blog today, and why not stay awhile and drop a note here? My last post on here was last September. Almost 8 months ago, and so much has transpired in that time. Life shifts and we shift with it. We are still the same people at our core, but with more experiences and deeper awareness & discovery as we go along our journeys.

I have now added another hat to wear, that of being a caretaker. Three months ago, my older sister experienced a life threatening medical situation. From discovery to emergency to immediate surgery in the span of two hours, our lives changed. Then, during her hospital stay, more discoveries and surgeries. It was a scary, exhausting time. And full of uncertainty. People coming and going. Trying to keep distant family updated. Trying to be there for her. Trying not to lose myself. Self-Care and Soul-Care became so important to me. And, in all this, I became more aware of who I am, and a new life path formed in front of me.

After two months in the hospital, she was able to come home. One week before she was released, we had moved to the downstairs apartment to accommodate her new life. She could no longer walk up and down stairs. We were blessed to have the apartment available in our building, so she would not have to go far with her walker. Many blessings occurred during this time. And many potential setbacks. But the way was made clear for us and we overcame. We not only survived, but we are thriving.

My sister is now home, and this new place suits our needs. It is a gift to us, and we are appreciative every day. I am still getting my “sea legs” as far as being a caregiver, and my self care and soulful practices have been essential to keep myself grounded and less prone to anxiety attacks. I practice being intuitive with my body, I listen to my body, and respond according to my needs at that moment. Boundaries are so essential, even as it pertains to my sister. I have to step back sometimes and not take it all on myself. I have to take care of me so that I may take care of her.

Self-care is not selfish, it’s essential to well-being.

Connecting to nature and the Divine has been essential to my well-being. More mindful meditation practices. More leaning into my intuition and expressing my empathic nature. Meeting more of my soul family as they become known to me. Seeing the purpose and meaning in everything and everyone. It is a new awakening for me.

As time and circumstances permit, I will be posting more on here, as I have always felt I can breathe and express myself freely here. And self-expression is a part of soul-care, self-care and self-love. Here, I am just Bonnie…without the titles of caretaker, intuitive mentor, teacher of self-love, self-care, and soul-care, visionary, creative, etc. This is a sacred space for me to write, to express, and to share my journey in all its authenticity and transparency without concern of judgement from myself and others.

Here, I can just be. And I welcome you to share in my journey. Much love, Lovelies.




Changing Seasons

Mid September and it is almost here. My favorite season of the year. Ironic since I was born in Spring, right around the time the snow is melting and the lush greens return to Wisconsin. But this time of year coming up is my favorite.

Here, as in most states with the four seasons, we experience the slight chill in the air, the leaves getting crisp, and turning gorgeous shades of yellows, oranges, and deep reds. And they eventually fall in glorious layers that crunch under your feet or get selected as that year’s saved memento in an old encyclopedia.

Then there’s the crisp scents of pumpkins, apples, spices, and wood burning fireplaces. It is almost magical. And even inside a new crop of candles is brought forth to bring all those scents indoors when there isn’t anything baking in the oven or burning in the fireplace.  Then there are the corn mazes and hayrides out at the local family farms where you you can pick your pumpkins for Halloween carving. Like I said, magical.

But perhaps the most magical of all is the feeling in the air. It is a time when the leaves have a beautiful death with the promise they will return in the Spring to shine their beauty upon us once again. When the trees go into a hibernation for the cold months and emerge on the other side with more wisdom and truth than they held the year before.

And us? The humans? The stewards and caretakers of all that is within nature? We have the privilege to see the life cycles of nature over and over again until it is our time to experience the same beautiful transformation of life into death into rebirth, and emerge on the other side fresh, whole, new, and ready for the next life we will have. Makes you wonder who is watching our seasons lifetime after lifetime, doesn’t it?

The Setting Sun

I felt it was fitting, in the last few days of this blog, to change it up a bit and have it as a reflection of its final time here. And it is also how I am feeling about this transition. Who knew I would grow to love my modest carved out space in the blogosphere (I think that’s a word…) here that it feels like I am losing a long time friend.

I began on here about three years ago with my Lovely Strength blog, then with my sister’s jewelry blog, and ultimately to this one. And this is the last standing blog on here. I have such a depth of emotion right now, and it is heavy. But not with sorrow.

I feel gratitude. I feel connected. I feel grounded. These are my roots here, and this next stage of growth is happening regardless of my wants, my wishes, or my thoughts. I can only express gratitude and love to my blog family here. If you decide to follow the blog on the new website, it will have a new look and feel to it, but I want to assure you it is still me. I am now and always will be Bonnie.

So, before I get too deep within my feelings, I am going to be spending as much time here as I can. It will just be my words going forward and just that image of the setting sun. Because it is powerful. It is the slow fade into the night. And it is representative of my heart right now.

I send love and appreciation your way. I have a dedicated group of readers here, and trust and believe I will still be following you. I set it up to receive email notifications for all your new posts. I won’t miss a thing, except that I won’t be here. In this space, in this time, in this way.

❤ Bonnie

Eyes Into The Future

I pulled this out of the “archives” to re-post it for this Earth Day 2016. The work for healing this planet is a daily need. To teach, mentor, and show the future generations is vital to not just heal the planet, but also to let it thrive and grow.


future people

I am looking beyond the veil of time.
A threadbare cloth
That wisps away with each breath .
I speak into the winds, and my words are carried into the beyond.

I see people carrying on as reincarnated ghosts,
Years, centuries, millenniums ahead of me.
I see my bloodline stretch beyond the depths of my foresight.
All these faded souls that have yet to be alive.

I whisper words of this current age,
Mysteries and conspiracies,
Conundrums and travesties.
I wish them to learn from our failings.

Protect the Earth and all its inhabitants.
Cherish humans and animals alike.
Life is precious and most precarious.
Love above all else, including yourself.

I step away from the veil and
Return to my place and time.
I will return to this secret place.
To whisper life and love into the human race.

A Glimpse Behind The Scenes…

Just a taste of what is to come in the new website. These are subject to change, but as it stands now, I am happy with them (the artist in me creates, the critic in me destroys…).

So, please pardon my absence and I look forward to the time when this phase is done! Then it is on to the next one.

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes…

It is a new year, new goals, and this site will be slowly changing to reflect it all. I will keep you posted on it as much as possible and I do hope you like the remodel when it is all said and done.

Thank you all for being here along the journey, the meaning and appreciation of your presence is not lost on me.

And many thanks to David Bowie, a man forever beyond his time and beyond this realm. A heartbreaking loss but he left so much behind for us to love, admire, and enjoy.

Rest in peace. ❤

Thoughts on This Day 1-21-2016

I am sitting here in the lower level of my good friend’s house with my laptop open and ready to get to work as I have done in many weeks now.  I have a huge to do list in front of me, but all I can do is be grateful for the people that I have met along my journey this far. Every last one of them has been a blessing to me. This is how I trust that I am on the right path. Mind you, there have been obstacles and setbacks at almost every turn, but there have also been a door available to walk through and find the answers or get help.

I had to make my first post today about the people who have been here from the start and the ones who came along the way and express the gratitude I am feeling. Their courage, their compassion, and their words of wisdom have helped me in ways I cannot express thoroughly enough. And since I am better at writing than speaking, I chose to use  the best way I know how.

There are many who will read this and wonder if they are included in this.

Yes you are.

You have done so much for me and all these blessings have been etched on my heart.

Thank you from the depths of my entire being.