Observe. Listen. Feel. Connect.

Observe. Listen. Feel. Connect. Be still. Be silent. Be open.

These are some of the messages I’ve received when I would feel things begin to spin around me and I cannot find my bearings. I (literally) sit down in the middle of the floor (which is where one of my meditation spots is intentionally located with a large view of nature), and become very still. I focus on my breathing. I focus my attention inward. I focus on the gentle wind blowing through the trees. I see how the tree is firmly grounded deep within the earth. I see how its high branches gently hold the wind caressed leaves. It sways and moves to the breeze in the wind. They surrender themselves to the energetic forces around them. They become one with them.

Today, I see myself as the tree. Firmly grounded in the earth while my arms and hands are reaching for the skies. Storms come and go around me, and I am there, just as the tree is, strong in my roots yet free to reach for the heavens. I am supported and I am blessed. I begin to feel the calmness once again within this moment. I feel a deep connection with the tree and all other living beings on this earth. We are all truly connected by unseen roots. This was my awareness of our interconnectedness today.

May you feel loved, supported, held, and connected today and as you go about your week.

Much love,







No Day But Today, Part Two

So, a blessing in disguise…perhaps? I left out some parts of my day in New York in the previous post. How you may ask? Well it was such a great day and there is so much to do in NYC that I had tunnel vision. And upon re-reading the writing prompt, I discovered I had not done the initial one as directed. Here is one part that I missed. The other I will make into part three.

central park1

Central Park.

We had entered in the center part of it. I recall the horses and carriages lined up along the street for those who had the whimsy to take a carriage through Manhattan. It was an oasis in the middle of a metropolis.

Lush green grass. A perfect view of the blue sky. Whispy white clouds blowing across. Trees and rocks gave it a rugged, rough appeal.

People of all kinds strolling, joking, playing with balls and frisbees. Others found refuge under a tree curled up with a book or listening to music through their headphones.

Even with the sirens and traffic sounds, there was peace here. You could feel the deep sense of reverence. It had the feel of a temple or sacred ground.

I felt myself drift away in this element much like I did in the rest of the city. This space was alive as well but its heartbeat was calm, at rest. People in business suits sat and chatted with the grounds custodian and strangers. Young people in jeans and t-shirts were walking with people from much earlier generations.

To me, in retrospect, this was an Eden. This was a place you stepped into and all pretenses and facades wore away. This place was sacred. It was unique. It left a mark on my heart and soul that I carry to this day from over a decade ago.

I can close my eyes and see the people, I can hear the sounds, and I can feel its heartbeat. It still calls to me.

Part of me is still there, part of it is still with me.