Observe. Listen. Feel. Connect.

Observe. Listen. Feel. Connect. Be still. Be silent. Be open.

These are some of the messages I’ve received when I would feel things begin to spin around me and I cannot find my bearings. I (literally) sit down in the middle of the floor (which is where one of my meditation spots is intentionally located with a large view of nature), and become very still. I focus on my breathing. I focus my attention inward. I focus on the gentle wind blowing through the trees. I see how the tree is firmly grounded deep within the earth. I see how its high branches gently hold the wind caressed leaves. It sways and moves to the breeze in the wind. They surrender themselves to the energetic forces around them. They become one with them.

Today, I see myself as the tree. Firmly grounded in the earth while my arms and hands are reaching for the skies. Storms come and go around me, and I am there, just as the tree is, strong in my roots yet free to reach for the heavens. I am supported and I am blessed. I begin to feel the calmness once again within this moment. I feel a deep connection with the tree and all other living beings on this earth. We are all truly connected by unseen roots. This was my awareness of our interconnectedness today.

May you feel loved, supported, held, and connected today and as you go about your week.

Much love,







A New Life Path, A New Awakening

Hello, Lovelies. I came to visit my old blog today, and why not stay awhile and drop a note here? My last post on here was last September. Almost 8 months ago, and so much has transpired in that time. Life shifts and we shift with it. We are still the same people at our core, but with more experiences and deeper awareness & discovery as we go along our journeys.

I have now added another hat to wear, that of being a caretaker. Three months ago, my older sister experienced a life threatening medical situation. From discovery to emergency to immediate surgery in the span of two hours, our lives changed. Then, during her hospital stay, more discoveries and surgeries. It was a scary, exhausting time. And full of uncertainty. People coming and going. Trying to keep distant family updated. Trying to be there for her. Trying not to lose myself. Self-Care and Soul-Care became so important to me. And, in all this, I became more aware of who I am, and a new life path formed in front of me.

After two months in the hospital, she was able to come home. One week before she was released, we had moved to the downstairs apartment to accommodate her new life. She could no longer walk up and down stairs. We were blessed to have the apartment available in our building, so she would not have to go far with her walker. Many blessings occurred during this time. And many potential setbacks. But the way was made clear for us and we overcame. We not only survived, but we are thriving.

My sister is now home, and this new place suits our needs. It is a gift to us, and we are appreciative every day. I am still getting my “sea legs” as far as being a caregiver, and my self care and soulful practices have been essential to keep myself grounded and less prone to anxiety attacks. I practice being intuitive with my body, I listen to my body, and respond according to my needs at that moment. Boundaries are so essential, even as it pertains to my sister. I have to step back sometimes and not take it all on myself. I have to take care of me so that I may take care of her.

Self-care is not selfish, it’s essential to well-being.

Connecting to nature and the Divine has been essential to my well-being. More mindful meditation practices. More leaning into my intuition and expressing my empathic nature. Meeting more of my soul family as they become known to me. Seeing the purpose and meaning in everything and everyone. It is a new awakening for me.

As time and circumstances permit, I will be posting more on here, as I have always felt I can breathe and express myself freely here. And self-expression is a part of soul-care, self-care and self-love. Here, I am just Bonnie…without the titles of caretaker, intuitive mentor, teacher of self-love, self-care, and soul-care, visionary, creative, etc. This is a sacred space for me to write, to express, and to share my journey in all its authenticity and transparency without concern of judgement from myself and others.

Here, I can just be. And I welcome you to share in my journey. Much love, Lovelies.



Changing Seasons

Mid September and it is almost here. My favorite season of the year. Ironic since I was born in Spring, right around the time the snow is melting and the lush greens return to Wisconsin. But this time of year coming up is my favorite.

Here, as in most states with the four seasons, we experience the slight chill in the air, the leaves getting crisp, and turning gorgeous shades of yellows, oranges, and deep reds. And they eventually fall in glorious layers that crunch under your feet or get selected as that year’s saved memento in an old encyclopedia.

Then there’s the crisp scents of pumpkins, apples, spices, and wood burning fireplaces. It is almost magical. And even inside a new crop of candles is brought forth to bring all those scents indoors when there isn’t anything baking in the oven or burning in the fireplace.  Then there are the corn mazes and hayrides out at the local family farms where you you can pick your pumpkins for Halloween carving. Like I said, magical.

But perhaps the most magical of all is the feeling in the air. It is a time when the leaves have a beautiful death with the promise they will return in the Spring to shine their beauty upon us once again. When the trees go into a hibernation for the cold months and emerge on the other side with more wisdom and truth than they held the year before.

And us? The humans? The stewards and caretakers of all that is within nature? We have the privilege to see the life cycles of nature over and over again until it is our time to experience the same beautiful transformation of life into death into rebirth, and emerge on the other side fresh, whole, new, and ready for the next life we will have. Makes you wonder who is watching our seasons lifetime after lifetime, doesn’t it?

Conversations With The Little Voice #2


I can’t do this. What was I thinking?

You can do this. Look at all you accomplished so far.

Yes, and it was a foolish endeavor. I failed at this too.

You are giving up too soon. Something you tend to do. Will you walk away from this too?

I’m not strong enough. I prove that over and over and over again. It’s all too much.

If you would slow down a little, you would see how far you have come. What all you accomplished. And all the people you touched.

I’m a fraud. All the good things about me are a façade. If people saw the real me, they would run. They would judge.

Not the real people in this world, and not the ones that love you for who you are. And all those good things you portray? They are a part of you. Being vulnerable with your emotions shows your humanity. Being mad, being sad shows you have passion and a caring heart. Being vulnerable is a sign of strength. So cry. Get mad. Laugh from your belly. Have a deep conversation with someone you trust. Never shy away from expressing yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this writing, and these are actual thoughts I have had, and sometimes still do. I believe the first step to changing our limiting beliefs and self doubt is to face them, learn and acknowledge them, then make small changes within ourselves to move past them. And be patient with yourself; love yourself every step of the way whether it was a triumph or a setback. You won’t realize how much strength you truly have until you start to use it. One step at a time. One victory at a time. Sending love and light your way today. If you would like to connect with me, I invite you to join me over on my Facebook page.

Notes In The Margin

What do we write within the margins of our own life?

I believe we are the writers and creators of the life we live. We choose. We make mistakes. We make victories. We grow and learn constantly until the day this mortal flesh has its final sleep. And amongst all  that, what notes are we putting in the margins of this life?

Think of your life as that manuscript for a moment. Every part of your life is sitting in front of you, written out, and you cannot edit, delete, or modify any of the story. The only thing you can do is reflect upon it and write your notes.

What would you write? Would you blame or bash yourself for something that was out of your control? Or would you look at it with love and forgiveness? Or maybe even anger or vengeance?

What about the things you could control? Do you see regret and pain in the times you screwed up? Or do you put that up as a lesson learned and move forward with the intention of not making that mistake again?

As much as we write our own stories in this one life we are given, we will not always be right, we will not always be treated right, and we will place too much on ourselves in this life to fully appreciate the “just be” part of it. The “just be” part is found within the notes in the margins of our manuscript. How you write, and what you write, in that margin about yourself is how you view your life as a whole.

And we can edit the notes, even if we cannot edit what happened. But, what we can also do, is fill that space and time with love. Love for ourselves if nothing else. I believe when we pour love over everything and into our being, we begin to heal.

There will be off days, and this seems to be one of those for me. When this rises to the surface, there is a reason for it. And it is usually the biggest trauma from our lives that we face in those moments. Perhaps it is just a reminder, or perhaps it is something we have not fully healed from.

In times like these, I turn to self care as much as possible. And I write. What I write here is just a tiny fraction of what goes in my journal. Everyone is different and has their own way of healing. And everyone has something to heal from.

An internal question for you to ponder: what do your notes in the margin say?

So, much love coming your way in case you need just a little extra today,

❤ Bonnie