Observe. Listen. Feel. Connect.

Observe. Listen. Feel. Connect. Be still. Be silent. Be open.

These are some of the messages I’ve received when I would feel things begin to spin around me and I cannot find my bearings. I (literally) sit down in the middle of the floor (which is where one of my meditation spots is intentionally located with a large view of nature), and become very still. I focus on my breathing. I focus my attention inward. I focus on the gentle wind blowing through the trees. I see how the tree is firmly grounded deep within the earth. I see how its high branches gently hold the wind caressed leaves. It sways and moves to the breeze in the wind. They surrender themselves to the energetic forces around them. They become one with them.

Today, I see myself as the tree. Firmly grounded in the earth while my arms and hands are reaching for the skies. Storms come and go around me, and I am there, just as the tree is, strong in my roots yet free to reach for the heavens. I am supported and I am blessed. I begin to feel the calmness once again within this moment. I feel a deep connection with the tree and all other living beings on this earth. We are all truly connected by unseen roots. This was my awareness of our interconnectedness today.

May you feel loved, supported, held, and connected today and as you go about your week.

Much love,







Conversations With The Little Voice #2


I can’t do this. What was I thinking?

You can do this. Look at all you accomplished so far.

Yes, and it was a foolish endeavor. I failed at this too.

You are giving up too soon. Something you tend to do. Will you walk away from this too?

I’m not strong enough. I prove that over and over and over again. It’s all too much.

If you would slow down a little, you would see how far you have come. What all you accomplished. And all the people you touched.

I’m a fraud. All the good things about me are a façade. If people saw the real me, they would run. They would judge.

Not the real people in this world, and not the ones that love you for who you are. And all those good things you portray? They are a part of you. Being vulnerable with your emotions shows your humanity. Being mad, being sad shows you have passion and a caring heart. Being vulnerable is a sign of strength. So cry. Get mad. Laugh from your belly. Have a deep conversation with someone you trust. Never shy away from expressing yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this writing, and these are actual thoughts I have had, and sometimes still do. I believe the first step to changing our limiting beliefs and self doubt is to face them, learn and acknowledge them, then make small changes within ourselves to move past them. And be patient with yourself; love yourself every step of the way whether it was a triumph or a setback. You won’t realize how much strength you truly have until you start to use it. One step at a time. One victory at a time. Sending love and light your way today. If you would like to connect with me, I invite you to join me over on my Facebook page.

The Sun Also Rises…and Other Early Morning Thoughts…

I am a night owl. I love the night, and how its dark serenity wraps me up in a blanket. I’ve been this way for a long time, even when I worked in the traditional sense. Back then I used the night to relax and to prepare for the next day. These days, I am up late because I write best at night. My mind is open and it does not voluntarily close. There have been times that I will finally go to sleep around 6 am, which is usually the point where my body stands its ground and demands rest.

The past few days, however, I have been waking up early and staying awake. I resigned myself to it, and went about my wake up routine as always.

Coffee? Check.

Toast? Check.

Opened the windows? Check.

Fired up the laptop? Check.

My new desk faces the outdoor balcony and trees, so I have a clear view of nature. The past few mornings, I have seen the sun rise, and have witnessed the world wake up. A small symphony of birds chirping. The rustle of the gentle wind through the trees. The robin that has been visiting me every day on the balcony. The family of cardinals that live in the tree. I felt at peace here too, but it is a different one than that of the night. It is renewal, it is life, it is refreshing. All the things I forgot about because I was married to the night.

There was a point where I feared the day. I was a lone wolf, and daylight was not to be trusted. I wanted to sleep through the fear and wake up to the comfort of darkness. But it’s different now. It seems I am finding balance, and maybe that is why I have been naturally waking up early. I still love the serenity of the moon, but I also love the rising of the sun and all the promises it holds. I understand now, that I need both. I have always seen both sides of things, but now I understand its significance.

Everything I see and feel has a duality to it. But yet I see them as one, I see that they can be a cohesive unit working together for a common goal. The Yin and Yang symbol comes to mind, two separate and unique elements in one. The twin fishes of my Pisces zodiac sign, whose meaning has two separate ones forming it. The light and the dark of life and humanity. There is a mystery there waiting to be solved, and a truth waiting to be exposed. I have embraced this message, and my two sides are slowly fusing together.

And I am at peace about it, because I know and trust that time and space will reveal all.

Does the “Bad” Equate to Being ‘Good”?

Confession time. I wrote the regular Tuesday post earlier today and scheduled it. The confession part of that is I didn’t have anything substantial to say (ironically the blog segment is titled On The Writer’s Mind…). So, I muddled through it, mostly to entertain you. (It will be published as scheduled tomorrow)

Now, tonight, I came across an interview with a man from The Village in NYC. He was opining about the occurrence of everyone claiming they are artists now, and that the depth of feeling and true artistry is dead. I cannot know this at the present time, well, because I am not there.

He went on to say (and this is the part that struck me) that there can’t be any true artists if everything is good. That artists pull from deep inside their feelings and angst to create their art. But with people increasingly joyful and happy, the art itself is suffering.  If there is no more pain, inner torment, and anger…can there be any left?

I pondered that for a moment. And a few more. Sat back in the desk chair and chewed my pen. And I agreed with him. I thought of all the great painters, poets, writers, etc I could. They, for the most part, carried some kind of unrequited love or a hindrance in their life. Relating to it on a personal level, I take to poetry when I have a depth of feelings about something, whether it be from my own pain or that of someone else. When I’m happy and positive, I don’t touch the poetic side. Coincidence? Hmmmm.

I feel that poetry, art, writing, etc. grounds us and connects us to our humanity, and to other humans. This is an age and a world of social media where people put themselves in the spotlight (still a stumbling block for artists) but only to act out a part. When we use words to convey our inner thoughts and feelings, are we playing a role? Or are we connecting to that deep pit of emotions to be released and shared?

So, I would love to know your thoughts on this. Do you agree or disagree? Do we need inner turmoil and pain to create true art? Why or why not? What is your story and experience?