In Her Presence

I sit in the presence of the Divine.

I rest under the light of her soft glow.

She is the Divine Feminine.

I desire to embody her openness, her creativity, her love, her compassion, her wisdom.

I feel her presence within me and all around me.

She fills me with her light of unconditional love.

She is the Sacred Earth beneath me.

She is the Infinite Heavens above me.

She supports me with her loving-kindness and lifts me with her transcendent wisdom.

She calls to me in the whispers of her trees and watches over me in the twinkling of her stars.

She is my Mother, and the Mother of All.

Her children are my soul family.

She calls us to go deeper and to go higher.

She is a mystery, yet she knows us intimately.

In Her Presence:

I am held.

I am safe.

I am supported.

I am guided.

*From my meditation journal today*


The Treasures Among Us

I’ve been rearranging the living room the past few days to accommodate a (mostly) new couch and desk I was gifted from dear friends who are moving to California from Wisconsin. It was one of those things where the best laid plans were thrown out the window and chaos ensued. But it did all work out in the end.

During this time of rearranging, I had to clear off a bookshelf so it could be relocated, and I found the book pictured above. Nothing too shocking about it, after all, I am a woman writer and why wouldn’t I have such a book in my possession?

It is significant because I bought from a neighbor’s garage sale about ten years ago. Well before I embraced my writer’s side. I pulled it out and set it aside to read for later. When I got around to reading it (yes, it sat there hidden in plain sight for ten years unread), I felt like I found a treasure. Every word in just the introduction resonated with me because of where I am within the realm of writing: long enough to have more skills and confidence, but new enough to know I have a ways to go and to still feel fear now and again of my writing.

Something I had the unknown foresight to get all that long ago that is so relevant at this moment. It falls in line with me and what my purpose is. I have not gotten very far in the book yet, but it has already inspired me and opened my mind. I suggest it to any woman writer or to all writers who love to read women’s literature.

❤ Bonnie

*And here is my current work in progress on the new furniture.  The desk filled as you can see, and I am still adding more.

**Please pardon the work in progress mess!

International Women’s Day 2016

Happy International Women's Day


What makes a woman?
Proper society says a woman should be chaste,
Refined, demure, silent.
A woman is encouraged to be their definition of femininity.

Yet how is femininity defined?
Am I less of a woman if I hold ideals,
Intellect, and opinions?
Do I dare speak on these things and receive chastisement?

I will tell you a woman is not destined to be silent.
She was created with depth of feelings,
Of thoughts, and of compassion.
And you wish to silence this

To hold a woman down is to cage a free soul.
She does not belong to you,
Her home is her heart, it is the earth.
She needs to roam free to live.

Can you hold claim to a breathing fire?
Can you tame raging waters?
Will you destroy the earth to make it bend to your will?
Will you hide the beauty that is meant to be seen and heard?

A woman is heart, mind, soul, and spirit
Will you feel her heart beat and hear her thoughts?
Will you feed her soul and admire her spirit?
That is when you will no longer desire to silence her.

~Bonnie Jean Roberts (c)2016