Poetry and Verse

The Beast, The King

Ferocious and fierce
You draw your sword
A king never backs down
Any challenge will end in defeat

You face your foe
He unleashes his claws
A beast destined to defeat and devour
Men of flesh, blood, and bone

Face to face upon the immortal field
Stains of blood and glory adorn the ground
Centuries of waste and life extinguished
Oft repeated between the lands of freedom

Both wish to reign but only one can rule
The balance always sways
Man rules for centuries on end, to be
Defeated by beasts who rise to the challenge

An eternal battle of brains and brawn
Between two sides of the very same coin
Each beast will test his wits, each man will test his might
Never do they realize, they are one and the same.


A flight of fancy, or maybe even two
My dream a mix of fuchsia and maize and plum and maroon
A kaleidoscope turns and blends the hues
Dizzy, whirling, raised to the sky then caverns deep

I paint with colors coming from my hands
Rainbows and galaxies and sun and star
I enter into a world of delight
Soaring on wings and tails of dragons and kites

Shiny knights and ogres and faeries
Bonfire dancing with hippogriff, centaur, and Cyclops
Lightning bugs and pixie dust swarm all about
Flames of magic wander through the mystical air

My hair a tangled mess, my dress is frayed
Beasts and creatures took my breath away
Fantastical creatures from near and far
Adorn the palace as in times of ‘lore

Eyes into the Future


I am looking beyond the veil of time.
For me, it is a threadbare cloth
That wisps away with each breath from my lips.
I speak into the winds and my words are carried into the beyond.

I see the people carrying on as reincarnated ghosts,
Years, centuries, millenniums ahead of me.
I see my bloodline stretching beyond the depths of my foresight.
All these faded souls that have yet to be alive.

I whisper words of this current age,
Mysteries and conspiracies,
Conundrums and travesties.
I wish them to learn from our failings.

Protect the Earth and all its inhabitants.
Cherish humans and animals alike.
Life is precious and most precarious.
Love above all else, including yourself.

I step away from the veil and
Return to my place and time.
I will return to this secret place.
To whisper life and love into the human race.

Veil of Lies

I see myself as I look into the mirror,
I only see the scars and the bruises.
There are bags under my eyes
And a pallor to my complexion.

The scars and bruises are not visible to the naked eye.
People only see the beauty in my face,
Not the horror that lies beneath.
I force myself to look in the mirror again.

I have stood in front of this gazing glass,
Day after day, but what I see never changes.
It does not diminish with time
Nor does it hide its ugly truth away from me.

I alone choose to face the real me.
I know that real beauty comes from within,
Yet I want to see what the people see.
I want to believe in my truth and my beauty.

I smile at myself, but only with my lips.
My eyes tell a tale of sorrow and of loss.
My soul is bruised and my spirit is scarred.
I wear a veil of lies to hide what I am.


What makes a woman?
Proper society says a woman should be chaste,
Refined, demure, silent.
A woman is encouraged to be their definition of femininity.

Yet how is femininity defined?
Am I less of a woman if I hold ideals,
Intellect, and opinions?
Do I dare speak on these things and receive chastisement?

A woman is not destined to be silent.
She was created with depth of feelings,
Of thoughts, and of compassion.
And you wish to silence that?

To hold a woman down is to cage a free soul.
She does not belong to you,
Her home is her heart, it is the earth.
She needs to roam free so that she may live.

Can you hold claim to a breathing fire?
Can you tame raging waters?
Will you destroy the earth to make it bend to your will?
Will you hide the beauty that is meant to be seen and heard?

A woman is heart, mind, soul, and spirit
Will you feel her heart beat or hear her thoughts?
Will you read her soul or admire her spirit?
That is when you will no longer desire to silence her.

Young Woman

I watch you emerge into the world of womanhood.
I see you doing your best to fit in my shoes.
But, my lovely girl, do not wish for such things.
I have struggled and fought to get here.

I would love to spare you from heartaches and
Lessons that you will face.
But to deny you that experience is
To deny you the growing pains of becoming a woman.

How will you learn that you are resilient?
How will you know that true beauty is not defined by others?
How will you seek your own path by living in my shadow?
You must learn and find these things for yourself.

I see in you a fire and a determination,
But do not let that desire to grow up
Make you miss out on the blessings of
Growing into a woman in your own time.

I can tell you what I have learned along the way,
What I have experienced and give you wisdom.
Yet true wisdom comes from learning your own lessons,
From discovering your strengths and weaknesses.

You will be in my shoes someday.
You will have a young lady approach you in admiration and love
And she will sit at your feet and want you to tell her the secrets
This universe holds for being a woman.

You will smile, remembering back to when you were that young lady.
You will tell her to enjoy this time of her life and not to rush.
You will have stepped into my shoes,
Thus the circle of womanhood continues.




2 thoughts on “Poetry and Verse

  1. Wow! Just wow! I have chills, and thrills, and heat and hope; I savored every word of these poems! Hard to say which were my favorites, as each and every one elicited some notable response, but my heart resonates most closely with the Wild Woman collection. Sigh… Thank you so much for sharing these!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! The Wild Woman collection is my most recent yet its inspiration spans back 20 years when I first read Women Who Run With The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. I am so glad it resonated with you, L.R.!


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